Antonino Buccheri


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Metagenomics is defined as the study of microbial communities directly in their natural environment. This allows to avoid the problem of sampling and cultivation of micro-organisms in laboratory. Metagenomics is widely applied in ecology, in the field of human health and begins to be applied in the food sector. The advent of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has revolutionised the study of genetics and genomics. The main benefits of these technologies consists in the achievement of DNA and RNA sequences at high speed, at low manual work and even at lower cost when compared to Sanger sequencing method.
Data analysis is still the main bottleneck in an NGS experiment, due to the large amount of data produced by these technologies. The development of new pipelines and the integration of pre-existing algorithms are essential to confidently interpret the data from this huge volume of information.
The aim of this project concern the application of NGS technologies in alimentary, clinical and ecological fields. We specialize in bioinformatics analysis of 16S gene metabarcoding and viral metagenomics.