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Romeo, A; Iacovelli, F; Falconi, M

Targeting the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein prefusion conformation: virtual screening and molecular dynamics simulations applied to the identification of potential fusion inhibitors Journal Article

Virus Research, 286 (198068), 2020.

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Raniolo, S; Croce, S; Thomsen, RP; Okholm, AH; Unida, V; Iacovelli, F; Manetto, A; Kiems, J; Desideri, A; Biocca, S

Cellular uptake of covalent and non-covalent DNA nanostructures with different sizes and geometries Journal Article

Nanoscale, 11 , pp. 10808-10818, 2019.

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Pietrucci, D; Cerroni, R; Unida, V; Farcomeni, A; Pierantozzi, M; Mercuri, NB; Biocca, S; Stefani, A; Desideri, A

Dysbiosis of gut microbiota in a selected population of Parkinson's patients Journal Article Forthcoming

Parkinsonism and Related Disorders, Forthcoming.

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Palombo, R; Caporali, S; Falconi, M; Iacovelli, F; Rocca, Morozzo Della B; Surdo, Lo A; Campione, E; Candi, E; Melino, G; Bernardini, S; Terrinoni, A

Luteolin-7-O-β-d-Glucoside Inhibits Cellular Energy Production Interacting with HEK2 in Keratinocytes Journal Article

International journal of molecular sciences, 20 , 2019.

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Iacovelli, F; Hernandez, KC; Desideri, A; Falconi, M

Probing the Functional Topology of a pH-Dependent Triple Helix DNA Nanoswitch Family through Gaussian Accelerated MD Simulation Journal Article

Journal of Chemical Information and Modelling, 59 , pp. 2746-2752, 2019.

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Ferrara, V; Ottaviani, A; Cavaleri, F; Arrabito, G; Cancemi, P; Ho, YP; Knudsen, BR; Hede, MS; Pellerito, C; Desideri, A; Feo, S; Marletta, G; Pignataro, B

DNA-based biosensor on flexible nylon substrate by dip-pen lithography for topoisomerase detection Journal Article

539 , pp. 309-316, 2019.

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Satta, A; Mezzanzanica, D; Caroli, F; Frigerio, B; Nicola, Di M; Kontermann, RE; Iacovelli, F; Desideri, A; Anichini, A; Canevari, S; Gianni, AM; Figini, M

Design, selection and optimization of an anti-TRAIL-R2/anti-CD3 bispecific antibody able to educate T cells to recognize and destroy cancer cells Journal Article

mAbs, 10 , pp. 1084-1097, 2018.

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Ottaviani, A; Iacovelli, F; Idili, A; Falconi, M; Ricci, F; Desideri, A

Engineering a responsive DNA triple helix into an octahedral DNA nanostructure for a reversible opening/closing switching mechanism: A computational and experimental integrated stud Journal Article

Nucleic Acids Research, 46 , pp. 9951-9959, 2018.

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Gaziano, R; Campione, E; Iacovelli, F; Marino, D; Pica, F; Francesco, Di P; Aquaro, S; Menichini, F; Falconi, M; Bianchi, L

Antifungal activity of cardiospermum halicacabum L. (Sapindaceae) against trichophyton rubrum occurs through molecular interaction with fungal Hsp90 Journal Article

Drug Design, Development and Therapy, 12 , pp. 2185-2193, 2018.

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Raniolo, S; Vindigni, G; Unida, V; Ottaviani, A; Romano, E; Desideri, A; Biocca, S

Entry, fate and degradation of DNA nanocages in mammalian cells: A matter of receptors Journal Article

Nanoscale, 10 , pp. 12078-12086, 2018.

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