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Menduti, G; Biamino, E; Vittorini, R; Vesco, S; Puccinelli, MP; Porta, F; Capo, C; Leo, S; Ciminelli, BM; Iacovelli, F; Spada, M; Falconi, M; Malaspina, P; Rossi, L

Succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency: The combination of a novel ALDH5A1 gene mutation and a missense SNP strongly affects SSADH enzyme activity and stability Journal Article

Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 124 , pp. 210-215, 2018.

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Errico, V; Arrabito, G; Fornetti, E; Fuoco, C; Testa, S; Saggio, G; Rufini, S; Cannata, S; Desideri, A; Falconi, C; Gargioli, C

High-Density ZnO Nanowires as a Reversible Myogenic-Differentiation Switch Journal Article

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 10 , pp. 14097-14107, 2018.

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Mastrorilli, E; Pietrucci, D; Barco, L; Ammendola, S; Petrin, S; Longo, A; Mantovani, C; Battistoni, A; Ricci, A; Desideri, A; Losasso, C

A comparative genomic analysis provides novel insights into the ecological success of the monophasic Salmonella serovar 4,[5],12:i:- Journal Article

Frontiers in Microbiology, 9 , pp. 715, 2018.

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Cardamone, F; Falconi, M; Desideri, A

Molecular dynamics characterization of the SAMHD1 Aicardi–Goutières Arg145Gln mutant: structural determinants for the impaired tetramerization Journal Article

Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design, 32 , pp. 623-632, 2018.

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Raniolo, S; Vindigni, G; Ottaviani, A; Unida, V; Iacovelli, F; Manetto, A; Figini, M; Stella, L; Desideri, A; Biocca, S

Selective targeting and degradation of doxorubicin-loaded folate-functionalized DNA nanocages. Journal Article

Nanomedicine, 14 , pp. 1181-1190, 2018.

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Wang, Z; Ouyang, H; Tesauro, C; Ottaviani, A; He, Y; Fiorani, P; Xie, H; Desideri, A; Fu, Z

Real-time analysis of cleavage and religation activity of human topoisomerase 1 based on ternary fluorescence resonance energy transfer DNA substrate Journal Article

643, pp. 1-6, 2018.

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Journal Articles

Ferese, R; Albano, V; Falconi, M; Iacovelli, F; Campopiano, R; Scala, S; Griguoli, AM; Gaglione, A; Giardina, E; Zampatti, S; Storto, M; Fornai, F; D'Alessio, C; Novelli, G; Gambardella, S

Structural modeling of altered CLCN1 conformation following a novel mutation in a patient affected by autosomal dominant myotonia congenita (Thomsen disease). Journal Article Forthcoming

Archives italiennes de biologie, 155 (4), pp. 118, Forthcoming.

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Takarada, J E; Guedes, A P M; Correa, R S; Silveira-Lacerda, E D P; Castelli, S; Iacovelli, F; Deflon, V M; Batista, A A; Desideri, A

Ru/Fe bimetallic complexes: Synthesis, characterization, cytotoxicity and study of their interactions with DNA/HSA and human topoisomerase IB Journal Article

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 636 , pp. 28-41, 2017, (cited By 0).

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Capo, C R; Pedersen, J Z; Falconi, M; Rossi, L

Oleuropein shows copper complexing properties and noxious effect on cultured SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells depending on cell copper content Journal Article

Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 44 , pp. 225-232, 2017, (cited By 0).

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Iacovelli, F; Tucci, F G; Macari, G; Falconi, M

Multiple molecular dynamics simulations of human LOX-1 and Trp150Ala mutant reveal the structural determinants causing the full deactivation of the receptor Journal Article

Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics, 85 (10), pp. 1902-1912, 2017, (cited By 0).

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