Our research is focused on the investigation of the basic rules determining the intermolecular recognition. Main research areas concern the comprehension of the structure-dynamics-function correlation of globular and membrane proteins, the assembly of DNA based nanomachines to be used for a controlled drug release and metagenomics approaches to correlate the gut bacterial population to selected diseases. We utilize a variety of different techniques in the areas of molecular biology, enzymology, spectroscopy and computational biology.

We have a modern biochemistry lab equipped for a variety of techniques from spectroscopy to computer graphics coupled to gene cloning and enzymology. Further details of our research program can be obtained from our ” Publications, or from ” Projects”  section on this website. The group is headed by Alessandro Desideri, assisted by Mattia Falconi and comprises two researchers and several post-docs and Ph.D students with a variety of expertise from molecular biology to structural bioinformatics.

About half are involved in the biochemical “wet” work. This includes cloning and overexpression of target proteins, site-specific mutation, assembly of DNA-based nanostructures, functional assays, labeling for spectroscopic studies as well as identification of functional proteins domains suitable for structural studies. The other half of the group is involved in  metagenomics  and structural bioinformatic studies such as classical molecular dynamics simulation, protein-protein and drug-protein interaction.